Sunday, August 8, 2010


Recently we returned home to relax and visit with family. Of course, we are too busy to relax but the visiting part has been successful. We had a BBQ with the entire Franklin clan to celebrate uncle Davey; Matt's brothers' return home from deployment in Afghanistan. Then, we did various things like go-kart racing and other things I have been looking forward to doing since finally not being pregnant for the first year, of the past three years.

We got a few sun shiney days here in western Washington and got out the kiddie pool to play with the kids. We have spent time with my family and we even took a trip to see my dad's side of the family in the Portland area over the weekend. All in all it has been great! We leave for three days tomorrow, Monday morning to pack up our things in Idaho and then make the journey, once again, back here to Washington so that Matthew and I can work at our great new jobs.