Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adrien is 2 years old today. Bijoux turned 1 years old on Monday. BUT today we celebrate both of their Birthdays. We love you two cute stinkers!

A Very Franklin Christmas

We have grown over the past few years, with 4 new additions to the family; excluding myself and a marriage between Davey and Sierra.

AND this photo of Lily dancing like a Ballerina is adorable!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Lily with her stocking.


Our Adrien.

Little Miss Bijoux Christyna

My Family.

Well we had a fantastic holiday season. We had several holiday and x-mas eve parties and four stops Christmas day. The kids are getting old enough now to enjoy the idea of Santa Clause and the spirit of the season. We have a trip ahead of us as we venture back to our last year at school--at least until I head to graduate school for a Master's. Our time home has been great though; and not being pregnant made it all the more better because time flew on by as we worked. This week is also, the week of Bijoux and Adrien's birthdays. The kids are three days shy of one year apart exactly (B, squeezed in early). I will post photos of the party later.

Below are some more pictures of the holidays:

Monday, October 11, 2010

It is about that time...

We haven't blogged in a while and since the last post we have again, been very busy. I have a great job that allows me to serve the community; speak at the high schools, the juvenile facility and youth drug treatment centers- all on a weekly basis. I love the youth and helping them get back on their feet and in the right direction. So I also had the opportunity to serve and volunteer at 'The Convoy of Hope' that was held in ABERDEEN with my employers; WorkSource, ESD113, AmeriCorps, etc. This was a great experience!

Top: myself & some girl I didn't like, middle: Justin; an amazing counselor and bottom is: Jason & Brian, two goofballs I work with (the coloring on the first photo is crumby because the lighting in the tent was crumby, so I attempted to fix it and failed). :)

Also, our Lilianni turned 3 on September 28th! Although she begged for a David Bowie party (she is obsessed) we kept her party simple. Here are a few photos of the festivities:

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Recently we returned home to relax and visit with family. Of course, we are too busy to relax but the visiting part has been successful. We had a BBQ with the entire Franklin clan to celebrate uncle Davey; Matt's brothers' return home from deployment in Afghanistan. Then, we did various things like go-kart racing and other things I have been looking forward to doing since finally not being pregnant for the first year, of the past three years.

We got a few sun shiney days here in western Washington and got out the kiddie pool to play with the kids. We have spent time with my family and we even took a trip to see my dad's side of the family in the Portland area over the weekend. All in all it has been great! We leave for three days tomorrow, Monday morning to pack up our things in Idaho and then make the journey, once again, back here to Washington so that Matthew and I can work at our great new jobs.