Sunday, January 31, 2010

The New and Used Couch

We went to the DI yesterday to get a side table for the living room. We thought we'd make a project of sorts out of it by buying paint and customizing it to fit our decorum. WELL, in the process Matthew brilliantly decided that we should buy another couch. It was $15, in good solid condition, just needed a slip cover. The problem was that the darn thing is massive, and since we already own a couch fitting the blasted thing into our apartment would be interesting. I was against it, but Matthew kept saying, "We could use the sitting room for when people come over." So, I gave in and we got the dumb thing. The process however of getting it to fit properly was very amusing. I was ready to take it back and kept blaming Matthew for the ridiculous idea, that left us with an unneeded, gigantic, used couch... We finally got everything to fit nicely by 2am and of course I am biting my tongue now, some what because I am exhausted from playing couch tetris til 2 am but mostly because the couch looks and fits wonderfully in our place.

- Laurel

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