Friday, April 2, 2010

Dress Up

The kids have lots of dress up clothes and shoes and accessories; mostly Lilianni's but they share. Adrien enjoys wearing these things too and runs around the house very smug that he gets to participate like big sister does. Now, we aren't "making him gay" that is ridiculous, you can't "make" someone gay! Besides he likes to run around with his purses and dresses on while accompanied with some sort of sword usually and likes to bash into things. This is healthy and cute and the kids really enjoy themselves. So we captured a few photos of the kids playing dress up, in the living room, even though their toys are to stay in the play room. But mommy and daddy got over their "OCD" a bit because we just couldn't resist those cute, little, imaginative faces.

We snagged some more pictures of Bijoux as well and were noticing that more and more she starts to look like Laurel's cousin Jesse and uncle Ramon--they have the same eyes. It is very sweet to see these genetic traits from all sides of our families come out as the kids get older. We enjoy watching them transform.

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