Saturday, March 13, 2010

Comical Day

We had an interesting outing the other day. First we saw a panhandler, at five o'clock, get off "work" and get into his brand new red Mustang in Idaho Falls.

Second, the Girl Scouts are out in full force selling cookies. Many of the girls are wearing cookie costumes as they sell cookies (we assume their moms have something to do with this choice) because when we stopped at a stop light, granted they are on every corner with cookies and signs, a little girl dressed in her cookie costume was visibly upset, maybe embarrassed and pulled on her fluffy hood to cover her face (kids don't mask their feelings too well) but it was funny.

Third, Lilianni was goofing around in the grocery store and we told her numerous times to, "not run, she will get hurt". Well, when we got to the check out line she wasn't paying attention, because she's two, and ran right smack into our grocery cart and hard, she just fell. Unfortunately, her respectful parents (Matt and I) started to laugh very visibly and hard! The women in front of us were very unimpressed. Nonetheless, it was hysterical!!-- because of course she was alright, two year olds do stupid stuff sometimes.

Lastly, here are some pictures of big sister Lilianni snuggling her "baby sister" Bijoux. She always wants to give her snuggles so here are a few pics that we can hold on to, to remember this by.


  1. Poor Grinch, I bet she thought that she was pretty funny too and started laughing right along with you... Bijoux still looks like a baby Mexican to me. She looks just like Jesse. P.S. I still hold firm to the fact that Lily looks just like Kurt Cobain. Are you sure that's not HIS daughter? lol

  2. Those are VERY adorable pictures of the girls. Lilianni looks very proud of her status as a 'big sister'!!