Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the Mortuary

Today I went on a visit to the mortuary. I was able to go into the embalming room and touch and see all that goes on in there... pretty cool. The trip there was part of a class experience I chose to go on for a sociology class as a way to better understand death up close and a beneficial way for me to help people cope with the passing of loved ones through this knowledge and experience.

Overall, besides being interesting, it was helpful in that the mortician talked very candidly about how his 40+ years working in the field has helped him better emphasize the beauty of life, rather than focusing on death. It seems like a simple concept, but his words were touching and powerful.

So far, the class has helped me grow and understand how to transition healthfully in regards to loss and even more, accepting change as it occurs constantly and consistently in the course of life. It has been very rewarding.


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