Friday, February 26, 2010

Camera Shy

Anyone who knows our children and their personalities understands that our boy Adrien loves to eat. Well, today we decided to take some pictures of him as he ate lunch. He wears no clothes, at least no tops during this "feeding" time because it saves us a butt load of laundry. Well as it turns out, our mister man was uncharacteristically shy and continuously kept turning away from the camera as he ate. It was very cute, because Adrien, who is typically a ham for the camera, was reluctant to have his picture taken while he enjoyed his lunch.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I nearly had my baby reading this, it was so hilariously cute! Especially, "if anyone knows our children's personalities, then you know that Adrien likes to eat" He's so cute. He should be a baby model.

  2. ahhhh...I've never seen Adrien act so shy, especially when he's eating. What adoreable pictures of our little guy!