Friday, February 5, 2010


Lilianni's friend Torianna is coming over to play today. Lily has been asking for her all week, so now is her chance. We hope however, that Lily plays nice. She has this territorial thing with her brother, Adrien. Anytime someone tries to play or use something of HIS she gets extremely defensive for him and will chase down any item that belongs to him and retrieves it. Overall, the relationship between Tori and Lily is good, especially in comparison to Lily and her cousin Madeline, they always fight and chase each other into corners. When those two corner each other they scold one another and the play time usually results with cousin Madeline hiding under the kitchen table.


  1. looks like it was successful:) nobody is hiding under the table.

  2. thank goodness!! except the two girls did fight over adrien's sippy at one point. haha