Monday, February 8, 2010

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings...

Today we were anticipating the arrival of a package in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Franklin that was supposed to have Lilianni's Halloween princess costume in it and to our surprise they sent along a Valentine's Day package for the kids. We were so happy and excited but had to wait for the kids to wake up from napping-- it was really hard to refrain from waking them up. But when they did wake up the kids were so excited to open up their gifts and eat some chocolate. It was a very sweet surprise from Grandma and Grandpa and we really appreciate it!


  1. AWE! How nice! The picture of Adrien with the teddy bear melts my heart. So stinkin' adorable.

  2. Grandma and GrandpaFebruary 9, 2010 at 2:18 PM

    We are glad the kids enjoyed their Valentine's gifts...the two BIG boxes of candy at the bottom of the box were for you and Matthew!! Hope you got to enjoy YOUR candy:>) love you guys!

  3. we do enjoy it grandma and grandpa! ;) -- and crystal he does melt the heart doesn't he?