Sunday, February 21, 2010

Clothes, Soap, Dogs, Mermaids, Food and the Color Pink

We wouldn't normally bore everyone by posting a ton of photos of the kids while they take baths but, Adrien decided he couldn't contain himself and jumped into the water with his clothes on. We also, bought some fun soap to try on the kids and see if they enjoyed it. Adrien loved it... he of course had to try it out and continued to EAT the soap until we rinsed it off. Unfortunately there are no photos of Lily and the soap because she kept squealing and saying "No, gross!" and because we are so nice ;)we thought we would not make her cry. The soap then, turned the water pink and Lily, in Lily fashion, pretended to be Ariel and simultaneously a dog drinking from a water bowl, as shown in a couple pictures.

We also took a few more pictures of little Bijoux and thought, because she is so small still that family might enjoy seeing her; as she does grow so fast.

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