Friday, February 19, 2010

Bath time is Play time

Sometimes when it has been a long day we plead with the kids to go to bed. Often the reason they agree to head to bed peacefully is because the next morning they can play with the bath art supplies. The creation of crayons and paint made especially for the bath is fantabular! (thanks grandma) The kids get to play and express themselves while bathing and we are fortunate enough to have an extremely easy clean up after their art projects-- and we get to snicker at Adrien while he LICKS the paint off the wall, Yummy; and watch Lily as she swims like a "mermaid" and rescues Prince Eric.


  1. I loved the bath crayons when I was little too :)

  2. i was saying that i wished they made these sorts of things when i was little, but seeing as they did, as you say, i feel deprived. ;)

  3. Those are some of the cutiest tub-time pictures EVER; Adrien is totally beside himself with pure joy...just look at that adoreable smile, even if he does have his clothes on:>) that 'little mermaid' would win over anyone's heart...does she have the bluest eyes ever?