Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Surprise Visits and Escaped Toddlers

We went home to Washington to visit family over President's Day weekend, the fun was that our visit was a surprise to ALL of our family. We showed up at Matthews' parent's house at 1am Friday morning and went to our good friend Kina's wedding reception on Saturday. Since being home we jumped back into classes and re-decorated our apartment-- again! This redo was based off of Lilianni's sleeping patters; she WILL now sleep in her own bed and leave Adrien a comfy crib to sleep in IF they share a room together. So, at the moment they share a room and we have a "play' room until Bijoux is old enough to share space with Lily. We appreciate this arrangement because of the nights rest we get now too.

A humorous but scary moment occurred the other morning; Matthew left for class and I headed to the bathroom and in those few seconds in the bathroom, Adrien managed to open the door and run outside in the snow without clothes on (it was bath time)and I had no idea until a few moments later when I heard a man's voice inside the house asking where "mommy and daddy were?" I raced out of the potty and to the living room, where a kind man was standing with my naked little boy. Very scary. But all, fortunately, is well.


  1. Oh, what a chubby lil' monster! But, a cute adorable, love bug monster at that. I miss you guys.

  2. i miss you too! i wanna see you guys again soo bad. the house is quiet right now, the kids are passed out, they were running around like crazy people this morning and early afternoon. it is nice :).