Sunday, May 9, 2010


Because today is both Mother's Day and JD's Birthday I thought it was fitting to express my feelings for my family.

My aunt and uncle have an extremely inherent ability to help others by all means that they can. They took me in "under their wings" and into their home. They are great to my husband and children and love us unconditionally.

My cousins Corina, James, Cathryn and Jeran are so good to our children and love them like aunts and uncles.

We miss their banter, their wit, their kindness. We miss card nights and pizza and even that runt Jedi. :) But we mostly miss their presence and warm faces.

JD holding Bijoux.

Christy with Bijoux.

Corina and Adrien :) & Corina (below)

YUP... James and Ryn in a garbage can.

They really aren't in costume...

Lily with her Jeran.

Jeran with Jedi (I think he is consoling her after she lost yet another battle with Gravity...the CAT).

And because there is a photo available, I had to include the precious, beloved, family....


**P.S Corina hates that thing!! So naturally, the rest of us love it! **


  1. Love them! It's nice to know that I have family out there who aren't completely ridiculous! You know, like we have here in Arizona? Brad and I love our family!!!!!! Home away from Home.

  2. they really are the best, huh!?! :)

  3. You trying to make me cry or what here. That was certainly sweet and I have nothing witty to say about it.

  4. He means that about the crying. You should see him! :) You have no idea how great it is to be your family. Love you all. (Even Brad!)